Friday, January 28, 2005

First time for everything...

Welcome to my knitting blog, where there will be much knitting, ripping and well...kvetching. I started knitting a couple of years ago and I'm totally addicted. Then I found knit bloggers and have learned so much and been inspired, that I decided to give this a try as well. For the most part, I keep my politics to myself, but when something important to me comes up, I'll just have to throw in my two cents or a link to an article I think is important. I am 34, and married with 2 lovely boys - Stinkerton Prime, age 3, and Secondary Adjunct to Stinkerton Prime, age 20 mos. I learned to knit while awaiting the arrive of SASP. SP was given a lovely handknit sweater from his great, great aunt and I was inspired to learn. I recently decided to give the TKGA Master Knitters program a go and have started the Basics Basics Basics correspondence course. It's going well so far given I haven't finished my first swatch yet. I was interrupted by the siren call of another project. And that leads to the last bit about me... I have completion issues. I have about 10-12 UFO's at the moment and more brewing. I'm not going to start a new one till I get at least 2 done - unless it's a baby gift. Baby gifts are always an exception.


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