Saturday, January 29, 2005

icy day

We had an ice storm overnight. Very pretty with the trees and the deck all covered in ice, but fortunately not enough to knock out the power or take out any trees. You'd think that on a day like today, I would have been cuddled up on the couch knitting away. Well, the boys did everything they could to prevent it. I don't blame them, though. I don't like being cooped up inside all day, either. I've been itching to cast on for something new, but am going to finish at least two of my many UFOs before doing so. I would prefer it to be something fun, but I have a couple of baby gifts I would like to complete before I can really feel good about doing something solely for myself. Stinkerton Prime asked me for a new sweater this morning. ~~~~waves of guilt~~~~ I haven't made either of the boys a sweater yet this year, and the one I have on the needles for Secondary Adjunct to Stinkerton Prime, isn't going to be finished before he's too big for it. I'm not enjoying the intarsia. Oh, well. What to do but buy more yarn...


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