Friday, February 18, 2005

ooooooo! aaaaaaah!

I've got this thing for novelty yarns. I love the real stuff, too, but when I want to just play, and have something the unitiated will ooooh and aaaaah over, I like to put a bunch of yarn in all kinds of colors into a shawl and see what comes of it. Nothing turns on a potential new knitter like a flashy bit 'o fluff. Posted by Hello The brown shawl is the one I'm short yarn for. It's not quite as high end as the original, but they are nice yarns from Trendsetter, K1C2, and S. Charles. I thought I would want to make this one shorter than my first, but I have changed my mind. I am now at the mercy of the yarn goddesses to find the two skeins I need. One is supposedly on order. The other I may still be able to find at another shop. This one didn't photograph as well as the first. The little blue and purple flags (Trendsetter Joy) aren't really that obvious in real life, and the camera didn't catch any of the tan easter-grass (Trendsetter Aura).
The other shawl is my original and used Prism Kid Slique in navy and magenta, Prism Diana in yosemite, and for the yellow lash I used Collage Yarns stranded with some Berroco CandyFX to compensate for the difference in guage. I made the mistage of using K1C2 truffles for the fringe - lovely drape, but it frays at the slightest provocation. I need to redo the fringe w/some navy Softwist I have on hand.
Yarn inventory is just about done. I should have some stash for your perusal and shopping pleasure in the next couple of days. Getting all the pictures to upload is really a pain.


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