Monday, March 07, 2005

I have a secret pal!!

Knitters Review is doing a bi-monthly secret pal and I decided to join up. I was assigned my pal today and I'm really looking forward to finding goodies to send her. I already know three items already. She's not into the same things I am so it will be nice to consider items different from what I usually purchase. On the knitting front, I've gotten back to my Clapotis. I doing it in Cherry Tree Hill Silk and Merino I got for a steal on e-bay. I am finding slubs in the yarn so I suspect that it was not only an endlot, but also a second. I'm leaving the slubs in; I like the character they seem to add. Fewer ends to weave in, too. I tried to start Clapotis in Israel last December, but getting started required too much attention and I needed something simpler to work on. (Made a much needed hat out of Silk Garden.) Now that I have it started, I just tick off the rows as I go and things are moving along fairly well. I can see why folks are raving (and writing poems) about this pattern. Should have had a kacha couner for this, but so far this is going well. I'm keeping track of the number of stitches I should have at the end of each row, so if I miss ticking off a row, I'll know where I should be. I still haven't finished the second sleeve of Plum. I started it one evening last week, but then Clapotis was calling. I've started the increases, though and that should go smoothly. I'm really looking forward to wearing this; shame it's warming up so quickly. If I apply myself I should be ready to start the collar by this weekend. We'll see... Finally made it to Magical Threads yesterday. I've got to go there when I have more time. Nice selection of yarns (though not huge) and a good selection of patterns. I picked up Vintage Style while I was there. along with Debbie Bliss Denim Aran and a copy of Rebecca magazine (#20) .


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