Tuesday, March 15, 2005

It has come to my attention...

That none of the Ziggy pics are showing up. If you want to see what the finished product will look like take a look here. Speaking of Mission Falls, they have discontinued the cotton!!! That always happens to me. As soon as I find something I like a lot, it gets discontinued. (This happened with my wedding china, too.) However, I recently saw an ad for a cotton yarn by K1C2 that looks suspicously similar. I'll have to check it out and give it good groping. With any luck it will have a similar range of colors. Cotton is not my favorite fiber, but I liked MF (what an unfortunate acronym) because it doesn't require little needles and a tight gauge and it still has a nice drape. I ordered some a couple of weeks ago that finally got here last Friday. mmmm...chili goodness. Stinkerton Prime has requested a sweater. I think I'll make him a cotton vest for the spring and summer. Nothing fancy. Of course, then I'll have to make a matching one for Stinkerton Adjunct to Stinkerton Prime. Can't have the boys not match now can I? I'd like to use the yarn I just received for that, but I'm not sure of this particular shade on the boys. This is one of those shades of red that puts me in mind of the tomato sauce in SpaghetiOs. Painting the house is close to being done. Hurray! The previous owners didn't paint since the house was built in '92, so it really needed painting. The big joke when we bought our first house was that we could finally paint and not feel like renters anymore. (Nothing against renters, it's just that we were really sick of vanilla walls.) So what did we do last time around? We certainly didn't paint. We had plain cream walls for three years. Now that we have this house, we are painting. Of course, I'm using food colors. - two shades of shade and one called artichoke.


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