Friday, March 25, 2005

It's a visit to frogville for me...

Yes, I am succumbing the call of the frog. The Plum must be ripped and reknit. I washed it. I laid it flat to dry. It is now unwearable. The condition of the yarn isn't that bad, but the sweater really stretched. The sleeves and fronts are now at least 2 inches longer than they were. So, sometime in the next few months this puppy is going to be frogged. I'd do it now, but I have more interesting things to do and it's nice to have the yarn out of my stash for a little while. I just have to get my secret pal's package out. I sent her a questionaire today to get a better idea of what kind of knitting she does and what types of yarn she likes other than Noro. So far, I have for her knitting pleasure: a needle felting kit and some brightly colored roving to go with it; some Trendsetter "chips" to be knitted into something (she has a hat on her blog with little charms knitted on it), some bright pink cascade yarn (it felts). I want to get an interesting bag pattern, possibly something that includes an accent created by needle felting. I will also include some of the trader joes dryer bags that are so wonderful for yarn storage - provided I have some left. Went to my favorite LYS tonight for Knit Night. Had a lovely time as always. Made a little progress on the Ziggy. I just have to find a needle that will fit through that darned button hole. (get it, darned..hehehe). O.K. I'm either a geek for the bad pun, or a geek for pointing it out. happy knitting.


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