Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Not quite to the stone yet...

The Yarn Goddesses have smiled upon me! I found the two missing yarns for the brown shawl. I am thrilled. Now I can finish the shawl and then all I have to do is decide what yarn I'd like to use for fringe. Not sure about fringe color yet, but I want something with lots of drape that won't unravel like the K1C2 truffles did on the original shawl. No, I won't use fraychek, it makes the ends of the fringe feel like aglets. Well, I thought I'd make it through the sleeves by last Sunday. So far, I'm about halfway through the first one. Sleeves are not normally a problem for me. They are portable so I can work on them in the car if the shaping is not to detailed. I actually like doing sleeves since they mean I'm almost done. I'm not sure why I keep putting this sleeve down. I must be over the initial infatutation. Found some old Noro Silk Garden at the LYS the other day. Color 39. Pretty shades of blues and browns. Just perfect for a multidirectional scarf. Not sure who it's for yet or when I'll get to it. So far, I'm just enjoying looking at it. I have a sock on the needles - my first pair, in fact. The first is done and quite well, if I say so myself. The second sock has been trouble from day one. One thing after another has gone wrong. First, I turned the heel off-center. Then I had a hole at the top of the gusset, and now the toe has me stumped. I've frogged it and frogged it to the point that I had to move down the ball of yarn to a place where it hadn't been overworked. Which meant I had to frog again to get to a point where weaving in the end wouldn't be felt. I don't know why this sock is being such a terror; the first sock went swimmingly. For now the sock is in Time-Out until I can work on it uninterrupted. I'm just about ready to send some goodies Wendy's way. She's been lusting after SWTC bamboo and I had a ball in the stash that I'm never going to use. Somehow, I don't think I should send an issue of Us Weekly; maybe Weekly World News would be better? Leave it to Stephanie to discover the the anagram of our mutual name: Anti Sheep. She spelled it out in the cutest little stitch markers I've ever seen! They can be found at:


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