Friday, April 01, 2005

And you thought Harrison Ford looked good with whip?

I am soooo wipped...2 circ sock, a CP trio bag; what will be a Kristina felted bag; that &a@#$% poncho from the Fall 2004 FCEK; and the serpent sweater for SASP that he will never wear b/c it's already to small for him. Posted by Hello wip it! wip it good! Here is another view with a couple more wips. The brown novelty shawl from one of my earliest posts, and inside the black and white bag is the lots of options top from the Knit Stitch. I'm actually close to being finished with that; it's just lost my interest for the moment. Posted by Hello This is a one row stripe shawl using about 12 different yarns. I will never do one row stripes again. Posted by Hello


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