Friday, April 29, 2005

Down by yonder pond...

I have several do-overs on my list. The Plum sweater for instance. Boy did that turn out fugly. I actually want to re-knit the sweater, just in the smaller size and w/much shorter sleeves. I've been putting off the frogging b/c finding where I wove in all the ends is going to be painful. Most of them I can't even see. There are a couple of hats where I cheated on the length just to get them done. (Hey! It was cold!) So they're too short for an adult and too wide for the kids. Easy enough fix; I just need to open them up from the top and frog to below the increases and knit up again w/the leftovers I so carefully saved. I've got till next Winter for those. Next is the Interlacements Nebraska V-neck Top Down Tee. The pattern is from Knitting Pure and Simple. I started this last Spring a few months before I weaned SASP. I chose the size for what I usually measure rather than what I was actually measuring at the time. That way the shirt wouldn't be too big all around. Then I added a few increases under the arms at the bust to accomodate my more voluptous nursing self, thinking that that would be o.k. after weaning. I thought the tee was coming along nicely but then I tried it on. It's just a little too big for my not so voluptuous non-nursing self. Gee. Who'd'a thunk? And, because of how I did the increases, there are these little odd shaped bulges under the arms. Not pretty. The neck and shoulders fit perfectly, so I'll frog back to just below the armholes. I'll add a little waist shaping this time around, too. When I started this, I was afraid I wouldn't have quite enough yarn and now I know that I'll have more than enough. I'll be able to do the much more flattering 3/4 sleeves as opposed to short sleeves. This will be good mindless knitting for sitting in the pick up/carpool lane at the boys' preschools this Summer.


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