Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Earth loses weight...

Does this mean I weigh less, too? Or is gravity so screwed up that I actually weigh more? Sharon has come up with a yarn diet of sorts that I think I can live with. We all know that diets and budgets don't work. There's all this deprivation and when the goal is achieved, wham! Binge City. So, Sharon's idea is that for every five pounds lost, there is a reward of a $50 yarn purchase. Sounds like a good motivator to me! Depending on how long it takes me to actually lose 5 pounds, I might get through some stash at the same time. (And while not as embarassing as a bathing suit right now, we all know about my stash.) I'm thinking of adding an additional motivator. I belong to Curves, but I have a hard time being motived enough to go - not b/c I don't like Curves (love it!), it's just a bad brain thing. So, for every workout I get YarnBucks -- Y$1 for showing up; Y$1 for staying in my target zone the entire workout and Y$2 for working out more than 3x in one week. So I have the potential of earning Y$6 just doing the minimum, or Y$8 w/one extra workout, per week. To keep from breaking the bank, I'll lower the pounds lost reward to $50 for 10 pounds lost and I can't use the Y$ till I reach that goal. I have decided to do the peach Santana MD Scarf on US10s. The drape on US8s was a little too stiff; the 10s soften things up w/o being open and loose. I was worried about going too big on the needles and the center decreases not looking pretty in comparison to the rest of the stitches. I need to get this done this week, so I can get it in the shop to display and generate interest in my class. I'm setting Friday as the deadline and I won't work on anything else the rest of the week.


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