Tuesday, April 19, 2005

No tortured plants here...

I have absolutely nothing to report on the knitting front. However, after two afternoons playing in the dirt, I do have a number of nice containers and a much prettier front entrance to the house. Lots and lots of wave petunias, a little ivy and some tallish purple plants and snapdragons to go in the middle. As soon as the sweet potato vines are in, I'll add a few of those. Mission Accomplished! Posted by Hello We had to dig up a ton of lillies the previous owners had growing on the dark side of the house and we moved them to both sides of the steps - replacing the dead ornamental grass that was there. Hopefully, they will bloom this year. At some point in the future, I'd like to have azaleas surrounding the steps and walkways, but I have a mortal fear of bees keeping me from entering my home. hmmmm.... might just keep away the Jehova's Witnesses, though. The Situation is Contained Posted by Hello I had about ten plants and three blooms last year. Now look! Posted by Hello As last Friday was tax day, I feel the need to point out that Americans for Fair Taxation has released an Open Letter to the President. Please take the time to read it and consider contacting your representative. If your representative is a Democrat don't expect an intelligent repsonse.


At 4/20/2005 03:20:00 PM, Blogger zibibbo said...

Your post title made me cackle :) Lovely lovely lovely flora there! Oh tell me if the azaleas work, you know if you plant them. I'll start wearing them in my hair or something anything to keep the JW from stalking me! I wonder if we will ever have fair taxation.


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