Thursday, May 12, 2005

All in the name of efficiency

I finally got the pics of the Lots of Options Top uploaded and placed in the appropriate post. There are several, more detailed pictures via link in "WIPs" sidebar. I'd love to have some input on it. I need to rip back one of the necks/shoulders and work in another stripe sequence because I don't have enough of the gold CCII. Should this be on the V-neck side or the round neck side? If it's the round neck side there is less work involved as I have not yet started knitting that portion of the top. The stripe sequence will be the same as the one on the botton only the largest portion of the teal will be at the top of the shoulder. There's a drawing in one of the shots. Suggestions? Worked a little on the Clapotis today. Nothing worth taking a picture of. Other than that, I played with my yarn winder last night. (The plastic one, DH was out of town.) I also had fun with this. Now I can always find out just how much of each leftover I have and keep track of it for oddball projects. Cool Beans! In the process, I frogged the Interlacements Top Down Tee to the armholes and have it back on the needles. Posted by Hello I now have nice neat little cakes of yarn, just waiting to be knit up. And since I know exactly how much yarn is in each cake, I'll know just which ball to use when in order to have the fewest ends to weave in. Isn't that just efficient?


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