Monday, May 30, 2005

A litle fairness is in order...

Over the years I've heard stories of in-laws from hell from my friends. There's the one whose in-laws drive two hours and use her house like a hotel in order to use the airport - when they have a perfectly good airport in their own town. There's the one whose MIL is truly an unhappy woman who must take it out on her daughters-in-law. This is the one that actually asked her son to come for a visit with grandaughter only - in front of my friend, and while my friend was pregnant with their second grandchild. I could go on, but won't. I do, however, bow down in awe of the patience and restraint Wendy of Knit and Tonic demonstrates when her in-laws visit. Wendy, If you are not a candidate for sainthood, even Pope JP2 wouldn't make it. So far in my family, we've had good in-law karma -- grandparents and all, and I will assume from the stories I heard growing up that my grandparents had good in-law karma as well. So, my little margarita comment isn't exactly fair. See, my MIL did a good job training DH, and both of them put up with me quite well. So that's a major plus for which I am very, very thankful. My MIL is really sweet, too -- more than a bit like Betty White (and from Minnesota, no less!). The things that do bug me, her fear of change and fear of authority, are my problems not hers, and that's where the margaritas come in. She really is a wonderful woman who adores SP and SASP - and the boys adore her, too. It's wonderful to see them together. (And, hey, she lets me knit when she's here. ) I especially appreciate my MIL since my own parents have made little in the way of effort to see the kids. So, in my own passive-agressive way, I have chosen to either not send pictures or when I do, I only send the free 10x13 for which they don't have frames. Speaking of knitting all weekend, I should be way done with Sursa by now and starting the second one, but my lovely (read piece of crap) Denise needles popped apart in the middle of the row -- and in the middle of the freakin' cable! I would not have used them except that they are the only US15 circs I have. Now I have to try and pick up the stitches and get them back on a needle as soon as I can find a needle. What a pain in the butt. I already did that once already. I didn't like how the ruffle looked so I pulled the needle out to rip, but once Sursa was off the needles the ruffle looked so much better that I put her back on to finish off. BTW: this is taking me one more skein of Cash Iroha than the pattern states.


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