Sunday, May 22, 2005

O.K. I really need a margarita.

But it's Sunday and we have blue laws in this state. Grrrrr.... I am well into the FBS at this point. I just finished row two of the 5th repeat only to find that I have 69 stitches on one side of the center stitch and 71 on the other. On top of that, I apparently can't count, b/c every time I recount I get a different number. I think I have found where I missed a double decrease on row one and I'm going to try to fix it w/o tinking all the way back. We'll see if that creates a disater or not. I did some work on Sursa last night. We went to see Kingdom of Heaven (AMAZING!) and I wanted easy knitting. It all went well with the exception of the idiot who dropped her soda and it splashed on my yarn. ugh! Not much, but still a cold wet surprise when I found portions of the yarn that had been hit. The striping is turning out much better than it originally appeared, so I will continue as established. I made good progress (almost 1.5 balls of yarn) with only a couple of spots where the second strand of yarn was missed. I'll just drop down to those stitches and pick them up. I've been taking the boys to a Mothers' Morning Out program since Stinkerton Prime was about 1 year old. The woman who owns it is very nice and really loves the kids that are in her care and we're pretty friendly. Her father passed away this week from metastatic melanoma. I think Sursa will be for her. I've been thinking of her as I've knitted this, though I didn't really decide it would go to her until yesterday. I'm hoping it will be of some comfort to her. Also, as a public service announcement, if you have any moles, even congenital moles, and/or a history of sunburns, please see your dermatologist once a year and get those puppies mapped. Get the odd looking ones removed and if any come back atypical, keep going back. Use sunscreen - there is no excuse.


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