Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Recent E-mail from Americans for Fair Taxation

If you're here just for knitting content, skip this post. This is one of those rare times where I get political. However, if you are interested in having more money for your yarn habit, feel free to read on... I am a huge supporter of tax reform. The current system is unfair, and is in fact a wealth redistribution program. How can a system in which 50% of the income earners pay 96% of the taxes be fair? Believe it or not, there is a good sized chunk of income earners that pay absoultely no federal income tax, and many of those people actually receive money in the form of tax credits - money collected from working taxpayers. (Income tax is not the same as Social Security and Medicare taxes.) The flat tax is not the answer. The flat tax would tax everyone at the same rate - including those who can least afford it. Versus the present system, the flat tax would increase the rate of taxation for those in the lowest income brackets. Those in the lowest income brackets would lose tax credits that under the present system give them money. Fair Tax is a consumption tax collected at the retail level on all NEW goods. I must emphasize "at the retail level." Wholesale purchases and used goods, including cars, are not taxed. Under this plan, every individual would receive a check from the government in the amount equal to the sales tax paid on necessities - food, clothing, and the like. (Though I think there is a better way to do that; just don't tax food and the first $50 of any clothing item purchased.) Under the Fair Tax plan, people would have more money to save and invest for their own retirement - saving and investing create jobs b/c it gives businesses more capital with which to expand. Social Security would be fully funded so that those who paid in will actually collect what they paid. Businesses would have more money available to expand and provide more jobs or pay their current employees higher salaries. Our economy would be able to function at its full potential. Prices of goods would drop dramatically b/c corporations would no longer be passing off tax related costs onto the consumer; we'd be keeping 100% of our pay, and we would receive a refund check each month equivalent to the taxes on basic necessities. And by simply purchasing used goods, anyone could legally avoid sales tax on many things altogether. Lastly, many countries have a national sales tax that hasn't lessened the tax burden. You know why? Because they didn't eliminate the income tax. Make your own judgment. Don't rely on my opinion; do your own homework and contact your representative to express your views. ___________________________ Below is the text of the email I received today: “The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn't get worse every time Congress meets.” – Will Rogers Some Americans believe, like Will Rogers did, that Congress has made the current federal tax system as “inevitable” as dying, and just as bad. Through the successful efforts of, however, D.C. is starting to realize that it does not have to be this way – but our work is not done. With the President’s Tax Reform Panel’s recommendations scheduled for July, there has never been a more crucial time to build our supporter base and raise our voice for the only pro-worker, pro-business, pro-economic growth solution – the FairTax! At this defining moment in our nation’s history, please help us raise our voice TODAY. Forward this e-mail to your friends and business associates, encourage them to join and help spread the word that honest Americans can win the tax race. Just like women won the right to vote! Just like the people of Germany took down the Berlin Wall! Over the past month, some D.C. insiders have suggested that a hybrid system of income tax AND national sales tax may be the best way. By encouraging your associates to join, we can work to ensure that this French “solution” does not happen here! The FairTax strategy is the only tax proposal on record that makes federal taxation of income unconstitutional by including the repeal of the 16TH Amendment. Eight years of study by the country’s leading economists has shown that the FairTax: Raises the same amount of money for the federal government as the current system. Frees up $250 billion each year in compliance costs for individuals and business owners to invest, spend,and save. Reduces production costs of U.S. products by an estimated 22 percent. Makes U.S. goods more competitive at home and overseas. Brings jobs home. Our current income tax exports our jobs, rather than our products, but the FairTax allows U.S. exports to sell overseas for prices 22 percent lower, on average, than they do now with similar profit margins. Lower prices sharply increase demand for U.S. exports, thereby increasing job creation in our country’s manufacturing sectors. Allows you to keep 100 percent of your paycheck, pension, and Social Security check – allowing families to save more for home ownership, education, and retirement. Benefits churches and schools by reducing payroll taxes and taking advantage of lower-cost goods and services. Collects taxes on the over $1 trillion dollars in illegal economic activities of non-filing criminals, drug dealers, and others. So, if you’re fed up with the Feds and their obsolete income tax mess, here’s how you can help us today to take back our tax system: · Forward this e-mail to your business associates, friends, and family. Urge them to join our campaign. A donation of only $10 can help us continue to get the job done. Donations can be made at: · If you’ve received this e-mail from an associate, pass it along to five more friends who believe that American small business deserves a FairTax. · If your company has a website, spread the work by adding a link to: We’ll be happy to supply artwork. As honest American taxpayers, we owe it to ourselves and future generations to make real, permanent tax replacement a reality. Help build the ranks of today and cast your vote for the fair, honest tax system our country deserves. Death may be inevitable, but income taxes aren’t! Thank you for your continued efforts and support. Very best regards, Tom Wright Executive Director What is Americans For Fair Taxation ( is a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots organization dedicated to replacing the current tax system. The organization has hundreds of thousands of members and volunteers nationwide. Its plan supports sound economic research, education of citizens and community leaders, and grassroots mobilization efforts. For more information visit the web page: or call 1-800-FAIRTAX.


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