Thursday, May 26, 2005

Some people say that there's a pattern to blame...

But I know... It's my own damned fault. I did manage to work a couple rows on the FBS. (Did you know that you can get margaritas in little beer bottles?) I'm ready to start the 7th repeat and I'm still on the first ball of Koigu. Thanks to Sharon for the clever phrase "Tink-N-Drink." I'm trying to talk my LYS into having wine tastings at Knit Knight, but they aren't going for it. BTW, you have to check out her most recent entry; very clever. MIL is coming for a visit this weekend. (Did you know that you can get margaritas in little beer bottles?) She'll get here Saturday and stay through Wednesday. We're looking forward to the free babysitting and will go see the Sith movie everyone's been babbling on about. Tonight is Knit Knight so I should make a little progress on the Lots of Options top. Running out of yarn demotivated me, so it's been sitting. Since it will go to MIL if it doesn't fit me, I'd like it done by the time she arrives. That way it will look like a gift - sneaky, sneaky. I'll get some opinions tonight as to whether I need to re-work all four of the shoulders or just the one side (front or back) will do. I have made good progress on Sursa. (Did you know that you can get margaritas in little beer bottles?) I had to rip a bit after starting the decreases. They looked a bit wonky given the nice smooth edge on the increase side. I tried doing them all slanting in the same direction, but that made for a heavy edge. Then I tried to stagger them a stitch or so apart, but it made the decreases more obvious. So, back to the wonky decreases. The decreases look a little better than the first time, but after all the attempts at non-wonkiness just about anything would looks good. slanted vs. wonky; decreases as called for are in the upper green portion; slanted are below. slanted only I am debating whether or not to use the orange or the cerise Cash Iroha for the ruffle. DH says orange. I'm not sure, but if I don't use the orange what the hell else am I going to do with it? It's orange! Very soft but still very ORANGE. I also have a couple of skeins of Transitions that might work with the cerise. Suggestions? (Yes, I am a comment slut.) Sursa - ruffle? Here's the Transitions yarn w/the cerise. There's more of the dark pink in the ball than is visible in the photo. I'm thinking that this might make a nice, slightly smaller, and more subdued, Sursa. I'm not sure yet. I've also got an idea bubbling in the back of my mind similar to this for which the Cash Iroha might be ideally suited.


At 5/29/2005 02:14:00 PM, Blogger amanda said...

the combo in the bottom pic is purrrty... and margaritas in beer bottles? i'm gonna' have to look into that.

At 5/30/2005 07:56:00 PM, Anonymous Michelle said...

I like the transitions, but there's nothing wrong with going bold either.

(((Sending mental margaritas in beer bottles your way for the upcoming visit)))


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