Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A little post party sharing

As promised, here are pictures of the goodies from my very cool and very thoughtful Secret Pal. My Pal's name begins with "C" so that's what she'll be called now. First, there's Knitting! I've only seen this magazine once, on line. Without being able to see some pics I have hesitated to place an order. It's hard to find any of the foreign knitting magazines here, so this is quite a treat. There are some great technical articles in it, a very sexy camisole and the cutest baby dress. Almost makes me want a girl... Almost. There's some super soft, orange and red fluffy yarn called "Art Yarn" that should go beautifully with the leftover Cash Iroha I'll have soon. A blue seashore scented candle that is just the perfect shade and theme for the guest bathroom. C, how could you possibly know that I've done a water & fish theme? (It's the bathroom the kids don't have access to and therefore the one I get to have fun decorating!) And....Tada! another batch of stitch markers. I wonder where my pal got the idea that I like stitch markers? Hey C, I would love to know how you make these w/o the little twisty end that catches on yarn. Maybe a lesson after the big reveal? The cutest little thing though, is a little sheep made of roving! It's hanging on the radio dial in the car to keep me company in the car pool lanes for preschool & camp. I'll try to get a picture of it tomorrow. It's really cute! C, you said in your note that it was really hard to shop for me. I'm actually pretty easy and you're doing great so far. I like and will use everything you've sent, so far. Thank you! Now I just need to finalize my outgoing package. I thought I had this all planned out but then I saw something that just said "HER!" and that changed the whole theme for the package.


At 6/13/2005 02:20:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Im so glad you like the things I sent you. And Im glad you said I was doing a great job. I always think like it's not enough or it's not good enough and hoping that you like them it's so much pressure. Im just kidding about the pressure stuff. The mag Was great I know it was a Little Squashed I had to fit it in. And The sheep is my favorite. I have my sheep on my little knitting lamp, for the movie watching knitting I do. Well I cant wait to send the next one. Have fun


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