Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Not from partying, but from fiber overload... I've recently fallen off the wagon in a not so small way. It all started innocently enough. A couple of balls of this here, a couple of balls of that there. I was cheating, but hey, I had it all under control. It was just a little yarn. Next thing I know, I wake up on the office floor clutching the new IK and as I wipe the sleepdrool off my chin, there's a paypal receipt for a bag of KidClassic. I blame it all on IK. They shouldn't be allowed to put pictures that pretty out where those with fiber issues might be exposed to them and be tempted by them. Totally their fault. Oh! and those vendors on e-bay with their "free shipping" and "discontinued colors..." They should be stopped before someone really gets hurt. Yep. It's all their fault. It's not my fault I am totally lacking in self restraint. We need legislation! We need fiber-nannies! Someone take responsibility and protect me from myself!! Oh, and one of my LYS is going out of business... 50% off all yarn and books. Yeah baby! I'm tempted to go back tomorrow for some Tahki New Tweed. I'll post pictures of my descent into fiber-purgatory as soon as possible. I also bought copies of Knitting on the Edge and Weekend Knitting. WK is damaged, but for $7 I can live with it - especially give that I only want it for the washcloth pattern. KOTE doesn't have a dust jacket but the price was better than Amazon. One good thing about these purchases is that I'm feeling better about my UFOs. I'm going to finish Blech fairly soon. I'm about ready to start the third pair of skeins and that puts me at about 40% done. I am so glad that I had to the foresight to cast on for both sides at once. The purple Crystal Palace cotton chenille arrived today. I snagged that off of the Knitswap yahoo group. Love Knitswap. If anyone needs to find me, I'll be working out tomorrow in a lame attempt to resist elann's organic cotton. After that I'll be deciding what yarn needs new homes. I may start listing a few things here before I try Knitswap and e-bay.


At 7/06/2005 09:31:00 AM, Blogger amanda said...

oh that elann organic cotton has been screaming at me and i'm not really a fan of cotton. go figure. i'm trying hard to resist it's siren song.

and isn't it ironic that buying more yarn helps inspire us to finish fo's? i was suppose to go meet sharon/knitknacks in new orlreans today (i'd already made my shopping list for the lys) and guess what? the little miss is running fever and off to the pediatrician. damn! bad luck is conspiring against me.


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