Friday, July 15, 2005

Stash For Sale (and some for swap.)

I have fibery goodies to move along. The link is at the top of the sidebar on the right. On another note, I have made no progress on any knitting. It's sickening. Blech is at least at about 40% done. I'm going to have to put it down for abit though and redo the fringe on my first novelty shawl and finish the brown novelty shawl. The shop wants to put them on display so I can teach a class on them. The class will consist mostly of making a small sample in plain yarn and then some handholding for yarn selection. The little sample shawls will go to the Trauma Bear program that the local knitting guild sponsors. I've decided to start working again. Had a lunch with my last boss and he says he'd love to have me bark. He just has to get it cleared through HR - and that could be a snag. I've made it very clear that I will not come back if it's going to cost someone their position with the firm. But the man's gone through 6 or 7 secretaries since I left nearly 4 years ago - and not b/c he's difficult to work for - and none of them have worked out for him as well as I did. In addition to chatting with the old firm, I'm starting to send the resume around for some in-house positions. I think I'll have a better time finding part time work through a corporation than through another lawfirm- especially given the narrow field in which I will work and the conflicts created by the husband being an attorney in the same field.


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