Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hi Ho! Hi Ho!

It's off to work I go! Got the call today. My old firm wants to re-hire me and they have made a generous offer (more than I was making when I left almost 4 years ago) based on my experience and my particular skill set. Though, how in the world they came up with 12 years of experience is beyond me. I'm not going to change their perception, however. If they can't count it's not my problem. I'm going to have to be much more organized from now on. Make lunches at night for both myself and the boys, make sure I've picked out the boys' clothes and my own the night before. All that organized mom stuff. Getting up at 6:30 is going to suck, but I get to wear my work clothes again. And I'm looking forward to making some fabulous sweaters and tops to wear at the office! I won't have as much time to knit, so I guess it's a good thing that I've re-priortized my Wannabee list. Speaking of knitting... I've made some progress on the Unikat sweater. The back is bound off and I've started the front. (I really have to get the camera out of hiding.) The other knitting I've done is the Fugly Baby Blanket. The husband and I saw The Brothers Grimm last weekend and I was able to get a few rows done. I'm on the decreasing half of the square. The Brothers Grimm was fun, but not a full priced movie. Cute comedy and I loved all the different fairy tale references. I loved Grimm's Fairy Tales when I was little - and I didn't have the kid friendly ones, either. (I guess that explains a lot.) It's perfect fodder for a cinema and drafthouse if you are fortunate enough to have one of those. Personally, I'm amazed there isn't one here in Atlanta. Anyway, it was a fun movie, good for a matinee or wait for cable.


At 8/30/2005 09:21:00 PM, Anonymous Michelle said...

Congrats on the job! And thanks for the heads up on Brother's Grimm : )

At 8/31/2005 10:50:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check your mail box, It should be there today or tomorrow.
Best wishes on the new job.


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