Monday, August 22, 2005

Update on the wannanbees

(somehow or another this didn't get posted on Monday, so it's alittle late getting to you) About a week or so ago I posted my Wannabee list. I'll spare you the complete re-hash and only show the revised versions. Current WIPS and projects that need decisions:

  1. Sursa - just needs ruffle
  2. Flower Basket Shawl in Koigu (most likely for my mother)
  3. Clapotis in CTH silk and merino worsted
  4. Crystal Palace Trio Bag - 75% done -- Thinking about ripping; in the meantime it's on indefinite hold.
  5. Top Down Tee in Interlacements Nebraska - frogged, needs to be knit down from the underarms -- This is going to be frogged and put away. I haven't touched it since I ripped back and I'm thinking this yarn might be better for another project.
  6. Lots of Options Top - needs shoulders re-worked to accomodate lack of yarn -- I'm so upset about the whole yarn running out thing I can't stand to look at this right now. It can sit till next Spring.
  7. The Orange Beast - one row stripes with 12 different yarns... (what drugs was I on?) The Serpent Sweater - front done, started the back. There's no way on earth, that this will fit SASP at this point. -- This is going in the maybe someday I'll finish it and donate it pile.
  8. Lion Brand Lion Boucle baby blanket - I needed something to keep the hands busy durring War of the Worlds. -- This will live in the car to work on at odd moments.
The one skein wonder is now the "no skein wonder." There just wasn't enough yarn in that one ball of Silver Thaw and I have a sneaking suspision that it wouldn't have been very flattering on me, anyway. Very pretty yarn, though and I'll use it for a hat. Can't have too many hats. So now I have a new Plan:
  1. Unikat - 40%, back is done.
  2. DH's cabled sweater - start swatching.
  3. Sweaters for the boys - one in lotus blossom's spiral worsted in "blue goose," the other in well, something. Or, maybe I'll work them both in the blue goose and add navy to it. hmmmm... (my dye lot is much more subdued than the current ones she has)
  4. Sursa - just needs ruffle - Need to check knitting on the edge for one that's tolerable to make; I'm considering doing a sawtooth edge, but am not sure if I really want to ditch the ruffle.
  5. Flower Basket Shawl in Koigu (most likely for my mother) - Needs several quiet hours to fix.
  6. Clapotis in CTH silk and merino worsted - 35%
  7. Start the strips for the Des Colores Jacket.
  8. The Orange Beast - one row stripes with 12 different yarns... -- to be worked on in my rare, spare evening moments. (I'm tempted to rip this and make a Serendipity Shawl out of it. Actually, given the quantity of yarn involved, I could make 2 shawls.)
  9. Oh, and somehwere in there make some socks & hats and work on the Fugly Baby Blanket.

See, that's much more manageable now.

SP had a great first day at his new school. Didn't miss me at all and reassured me that he played "gently" with the other kids. Roughhousing has been an issue of late. SASP however, had his little heart broken when SP got out of the car and left him behind. It was just so sad to see him melt down wanting his big brother. Speaking of school, I need to make his lunch for tomorrow.

I'm off to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens tomorrow a.m. with a friend to visit a train exhibit they have in the gardens. woo hoo!


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