Tuesday, August 02, 2005


As Her Royal Fugliness, Blech, lies blocking, I find myself wondering "what next?" Adults:

  1. Unikat Sweater fromFall '04 Knitters- should be a quick knit if I can just get gauge!
  2. Cabled sweater in Jaeger Shetland Aran in Sage from Men in Knits - scan through the pages till you get to the guy with the skates (for DH - need to swatch for this)
  3. Des Colores Jacket in Noro Silk Garden col. 50 and CTH Furlana in Nero from Module Magic
  4. A-line Cardigan in S. Charles New Tweed in yellow
  5. Ribby Cardi in Noro Kureyon col. 116 with a coordinating solid for trim.
  6. Sonnet - in Plymouth Stone Cotton (for MIL)
  7. Audrey in Rowan Calmer in Zeal.
  8. Striped v-neck (possibly a hoodie!) in Caron Jewel Box (this yarn was originally inteded for a poncho in Fall '04 FCEK, but the pattern is totally f-d up)
  9. Hoodie from Yarn Girls in Manos and Handpainted Yarns - striped
  10. Rogue in Jaeger Shetland Aran in Burgundy, but now that I've seen Eris, I may just re-think this one.)
  11. Butterfly in Noro Silk Garden col. 72
  12. Chamomile and Basil from the Rowan Summer Tweed Collection in Morning Glory and Berry, respectively
  13. Tank in Berroco Denim Silk or in Tahki Cotton Classic.
  14. Elizabeth Lavold Tank in purple Silky Wool - have extra hank to add sleeves
  15. Green, beaded, racer-back tank top in Cotton Classic (need to work out the design)


  1. Sweaters for the boys (I'm feeling really guilty about this one b/c I didn't make sweaters for them at all last winter.)
  2. Wavy Baby Cardigan in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Bulky
  3. Haiku
  4. Poncho for a friend's little girl


  1. Sursa II - in Noro Transistions col. 5 and Cash Iroha in carmine or... Wendy's fabuous new scarf, Gioia.
  2. Various and sundry socks and felted slippers
  3. MD Scarf in Noro Silk Garden col 48
  4. MD Scarf in Noro Silk Garden col 39 (for nephew)
  5. MD Scarf in Noro Kig Kureyon (for BIL)
  6. Another Serendipity Shawl - only this one comes exclusively from the stash. No Exceptions!
  7. Hat for Daddy in Wool-Ease Chunky- not that he deserves it, but he sure the heck isn't getting an afghan.
  8. Various and sundry hats for children and grown ups alike
  9. Sueet in Berroco Suede in Calamity Jane (purple)
  10. Via Diagonale in Cotton Classic for spring - consider making a coordinating tank.

Things I must finish knitting NOW:

  1. Sursa - just needs ruffle
  2. Flower Basket Shawl in Koigu (most likely for my mother)
  3. Clapotis in CTH silk and merino worsted
  4. Crystal Palace Trio Bag - 75% done
  5. Top Down Tee in Interlacements Nebraska - frogged, needs to be knit down from the underarms
  6. Lots of Options Top - needs shoulders re-worked to accomodate lack of yarn
  7. The Orange Beast - one row stripes with 12 different yarns... (what drugs was I on?)
  8. The Serpent Sweater - front done, started the back. There's no way on earth, that this will fit SASP at this point.
  9. Lion Brand Lion Boucle baby blanket - I needed something to keep the hands busy durring War of the Worlds.

Well... it's a little overwhelming to see it all written down, but prioritizing helps. Rule #1: No more projects for the shop till after the holidays. Rule #2: Always have something to work on in the car. (Those McDonalds drive thru lanes are worth a couple of rows each time.) Rule #3: No more new yarn. Rule #4: No adding a new project w/o removing another project.

The Plan:

  1. One Skein Wonder. It's a new yarn and I absolutely must try it out.
  2. Finish the ruffle on Sursa
  3. Unikat; this will be a quick knit, since it's on 7.5 mm needles and the yarn is a joy to work.
  4. Finish FBS
  5. Make sweaters for the boys and start swatching for DH's cabled sweater.
  6. Make serious progress on DH's cabled sweater - it would be nice if he could wear it at least once before Spring arrives.
  7. Start the strips for the Des Colores jacket.

Carpool lane projects will be socks and the Des Colores strips. Hats or scarves will be the in between projects, the first of which must be Wendy's Gioia. That should keep me busy through December or January. After Des Colores, finish the Lots of Options Top and start the Yellow A-line Tweed Cardigan for Spring 2006.


At 8/04/2005 10:10:00 PM, Anonymous Sharon said...

Wow. This is some list. I'm eager to see your Sursa II. The yarn you've selected is perfect for it. Haven't used mine yet, but winter's coming. Are you enjoying making the Trio bag? It's in my short que of projects. Good luck on keeping to the rules. :)

At 8/04/2005 10:24:00 PM, Blogger stephanie said...

Well, I think we all know how I am about rules. :)
What's that line in Pirates of the Carribean? "It's not a code so much as guidelines."
I'm not really enjoying the Trio bag, but I think it's the needles (I hate my denise needles).

At 8/22/2005 04:35:00 PM, Blogger amanda said...

uhmmm... my osw needed more than one skein. i didn't anticipate this as i was making a size in the middle of the range. only bought one skein. went back and the dyelot was gone. osw eulogized with several expletives. moral of my story? BEWARE!


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