Monday, October 03, 2005

still no pics

I just realized that I haven't finished squat this year. I guess that's what comes of not being able to decide on what to start on in the first place. On the Unikat sweater: I've made it to sleeve island. I've frogged this sleeve twice already and it looks like I'm going to again. I don't like how large it is at the wrist. 9 inches! I also don't like how the increases start right away. I'm going to rip this back again and cast on fewer stitches and work w/o increases for at least three inches. Then I'll work out how I need the increases to work in order to get a nice shape to the sleeve and enough stitches at the end to fit the armhole. I was really hoping to have this done to wear this weekend (it's chilly in DC), but it looks like I'll just have to bring it with me. I'd better go ahead and block the body pieces, just in case I complete the sleeves in time. I basted the shoulders together to see how the body fit and it seems to be o.k. with the back as a size small and the front as a medium. I'll baste the sides tonight and double check. I was originally going to make a small, but when I almost finished the back I decided I wanted a little more ease. Rather than ripping right away, I decided to make the front larger and see how things worked. I've made no progress on FBS. She's still in timeout for tricking me into working the wrong row. I'm hoping to have some quiet time on the plane this weekend to figure out the mistake and get moving again. I had a lovely time at knit knight last Thursday. Got to see AmyDe for the first time in ages. The shop has expanded and got LOADS of new yarn in. I didn't even make it to sit at the table to knit for the first 45 minutes. I just started digging through the boxes of yarn that were waiting to be put up on shelves. (I was a good girl, though. I didn't rummage w/o permission or through boxes that hadn't been checked in yet. Except for a few, but I still had permission!) Reynolds Smile is on my list of yarn I want. But I'm not buying right now, despite the fact that it would be a very quick knit. I must keep reminding myself that my to do list is long enough. Besides, I have to save some money for ANNIE! I love the shop where she's teaching this weekend and they'll have lots of new and interesting things I can't get at The Purly Gates (fka String of Purls). Troublecat goes in for bladder surgery tomorrow morning. I really hope this solves the problem of her peeing all over the house. Shana tova!


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