Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Sursa and other tales of woe...

Anyone care to tell me why I'm blocked on Sursa? She's been sitting there without a ruffle for ages. She really needs a ruffle, but I just haven't been able to bring myself to do look up one and put it on her. If the cables on my Denise needles hadn't kept popping, I'd have finished her months ago. Damn those popping Denise cables. Damn them to hell...

This moment was brought to you by Charleton Heston. Posted by Picasa It's a confident man that can wear a short skirt and gold heels. I got 12 out of 15.
Lets see... UFOs... the CP Trio bag, the serpent sweater (I think that one's going to the frog pond soon), the Nebraska Tee, the baby blanket, the two hats that need reworking, the orange monster, (I'm thinking about changing that into a Serendipity Shawl)... I'm sure there's a lot more. The Unikat sweater isn't a UFO. She's a WIP. Same goes for the FBS and Clapotis. Now that the FBS is fixed, I can work on her to my heart's content and possibly finish her by Christmas. Sursa is in limbo till she tells me what edging she wants. I really should talk to her tonight. Started swatching the Bluegoose yarn. Much to stiff for kids' sweaters, even when going up a needle size. It would felt into lovely fabric, though. This is really pretty if anyone is interested. I have a pic and will upload to the stash diving pages. (I'm at work.) So, now I'm stumped on what to do for the boys. I have a bunch of Wool-ease chunky I could use but I'm hesitant. It would be quick though. I didn't get around to swatch the Mocha SP socks or for DH's sweater. But I have successfully (I hope) reworked the sleeve for the Unikat sweater. It's a much more reasonable size at the wrist and the increases are a little nicer too. Thank you Ann Budd! the only thing I have to worry about is having the right number of stitches at the shoulder to sew it it nicely. I've considered knitting from the shoulder down, but I'm already 1/2way through the one sleeve. Work related rant: WTF is with people who walk up to you and either start chewing you out about some minor thing or ask for your help w/o introducing themselves? Hello! Manners 101. I'm tempted to put a sign on my desk that says "If we haven't already been introduced, please introduce yourself before asking for my help or bitching at me." I don't expect hugs and kisses, or even an offer of sweet tea, but I do appreciate the courtesy of being told your name! Two people have done that to me lately. The first was almost funny. The attorney next door to me came into my area and asked if I was an assistant. "Yes, I'm a secretary." "Good you're who I'm looking for." "And who is looking for me?" He answers, with is hand to his chest, "Me." I was about to say, Who the hell is "me?" when my boss stepped in and introduced the attorney to me. What a jackass (the other atty, not my boss. He knows what courtesy is.) The second was more than a little annoying. Where I work we have a secretary on each floor that has a little power over the rest of us commoners. Sort of like an overseer. This Overseer takes care of the little HR things and helps when coverage is short, etc. We have a new assistant who helps out the secretaries with overflow work and the like. We drop some things off with instructions and the assistant (clerk) will take care of them. In our case, we are sharing our assistant with the other floor in our section. So, I dropped off some files and b/c I'd been told the assistant done this task before and I provided the list of form letters to work from to prepare the letters I needed. I told her to contact me with questions. The clerk was working on another project when I dropped off the files. Somehow or another, the Overseer from the OTHER floor comes to my space and w/o any introduction starts telling me how I should have given complete instructions. The clerk is too new to know what do to yet. That just putting post-its was not sufficient. The words were polite, but that was about it. In essence she was chewing me out over something that could have been resolved by simply saying, "Could you please go give the clerk some more instruction on what you want done?" I interrupted her bitching and explained that I told the clerk to let me know when ready to do the letters and I would answer any questions. The Overseer repeated herself again, so I stated again what I had done and added that I thought the clerk was intelligent enough to call me with questions. Overseer repeats herself again and I interrupt and ask "Who are you, anyway?" Only then does she bother to tell me her name and her position - as if I should have known and cower before her obvious authority. She then repeats herself again and walks away. Bitch.
Damn those rude people... Damn then all to hell.
I'm just totally into the Heston thing right now... and I haven't even watched Planet of the Apes in a while (the original - not that abomininable remake).


At 10/18/2005 08:02:00 PM, Blogger AmyDe said...

you gotta admit he has amazing legs though!

Hope you have a better day tomorrow. I had two people call me a B word over the phone last week on two different days for no apparent reason.

Some days it pays to stay in bed - deep deep under the covers. The only problem with that is then the children think you're playing hide & seek and jump on you.
Big hugs to you!

At 10/19/2005 02:52:00 PM, Blogger stephanie said...

Thanks Amy! that made me laugh. Not the part about you being called nasty names, the hide and seek part.


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