Monday, November 14, 2005

Barbarians at the Gate

Posted by Picasa Very cool goodies from Charisse. Posted by Picasa I'm enjoying the Cool Girl's Guide to Knitting. British author with a quintessentially British writing style - just my thing! The Knitting Mags are great. It's nice to see designers and styles that might not ordinarily get published over here. I finally (just this past weekend) found these here. It took some serious digging through the magazine section; it was buried. (I wonder if someone was hiding it to purchase later?) I need to format a picture and bring the frame to work. It's perfect for my space. And the notecards are definitely going to to come in handy.

And, wait! there's more. Posted by Picasa Hand turned, hand made by Charisse, knitting needles - made special just for me. and look! a scarf sized pair, too!! Posted by Picasa The blue JoAnn yarn already as a project. I just need some navy blue yarn for it. I'm going to make a pair of mittens and trim the cuffs with it. I think my neice will like that. She's not a hat person, but I think she'll do mittens.

On the knitting front... Unikat is stalled due to a lack of yarn. I'm desperately hoping that I'll find a skein in the right dye-lot via yarnfinder. I see no point in continuing until I know if there is no hope; it will just end up in more hearbreak as I rip the sleeves to knit them again in two dyelots. My favorite LYS is ordering some of the yarn. With the dye lots being different I'm going to have to rip the sleeves and re-do them. I might just re-do the back in the bigger size while I'm at it.

I started a sweater for Littler Man. I'm using some Tahki New Tweed in a brick color. There wasn't enough in stock to do the sweater so I'm striping with some navy New Tweed I had on hand. I'm doing a top down v-neck cardigan. It's going fairly quickly and I'm really enjoying the feel of the yarn. It's a little splitty, though, but that could just be me.

I started swatching for Mr. Man's sweater. I need to do some serious cabling practice before starting in earnest. Fortunately, there's no time limit on this puppy.

Clapotis is still on hold - still not frogged, but the needles are off it. (Hey, I needed the needles for Littler Man's sweater!) I need to get back on track with the Flower Basket Shawl before Amanda kicks me out of the knit along.

A little on copyright and my two fashion rules when I get back!


At 11/14/2005 07:10:00 PM, Blogger Charisse said...

Oh yeeeahhhhh! Im so glad you got the frame in one piece...
and you don't have to ust the little ones I would just keep then in a ball of yarn and display them.
very cool, Im glad you got a chance to put up the pictures.
Im gonna be sorry when we are done.
have a great week...

At 11/14/2005 07:14:00 PM, Blogger Charisse said...

One more thing - in our last gift giving Im an going to enclose the worlds greatest most-cutiest-most irresistable I wanna jump his bones Butch Walker CD so you can enjoy also. I was suposed to see he last week but I couldn't get out of work because the other girl called in sick.. I was so mad... you have no idea...


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