Friday, December 23, 2005


this is from 12/23: There are times when I wonder how he gets around in the world. I gave him a package to mail and it stayed in his car. Yes, in his car. grrrr.... Fortunately, it was something that could survive the cold. Unfortunately, it won't be where it is supposed to be by Christmas. Sorry, Charisse. If it's any consolation, I am making him feel really, really guilty about it. So I have it back now and it will go out today. (it's actually a good thing, b/c I found something incredibly cute at The Purly Gates last night that just had to go in.) In the meantime, Charisse you are the best. I can't believe you sent Handknit Holidays; I was just about to order it. The chocolates didn't survive long. I was going to wait until Monday night to open the box, but that big "PERISHABLE" stamp got the better of me. The boys are loving the Chanukah book - the stickers especially were a big hit. and mmmmmm.... yummy burt's lip balm. I love good lip balm. I really am glad that we were assigned to eachother, and I'm hoping we can meet at MD Sheep and Wool. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU! Yet again the camera is missing. I swear the bloody thing hides from me. Sort of like scissors. Scissors always migrate at my house. They go missing one by one and somehow all end up the same place. Of course, no one remembers ever putting them where we find them. I finished "the commission" (pretentious, I know, but fun). Typically for me, I didn't take a picture (damned missing camera!!), but my friend promised me one. It turned out well, I think. My friend liked it and that's what matters.

  • Pattern: I used (Yarn A) CP little flowers (on sale) in black and white with a teensy bit of sparkle, (Yarn B) Bee Yarns (hobby lobby's private label, I think) eyelash in black and run together with the little flowers and them used (Yarn C) Lion Brand's version of Eros Extreme (I forget what it's called; it was on sale).
  • On size US15 or 17 needles (I used 15), cast on 16 or so stitches - no particular reason for that number, it's just where I stopped.
  • Rows 1-8 with little flowers and eyelash, knit
  • Row 9 with ribbon, knit
  • Row 10 with ribbon, knit1, yo once to end
  • Row 11 with ribbon, knit across dropping the extra loops.
  • Row 12 with ribbon, knit
  • Rows 13-18 Repeat rows 1-SIX
  • Row 19with ribbon knit1, yo twice to end
  • Rows 20 and 21 with ribbon Repeat Rows 11 and 12
  • Repeat rows 1-SIX and then continue as established until the scarf is the length you want it. Ending with Rows 9-12 and 1-EIGHT.
  • Attach ribbon fringe; this is wide (not very drapey) ribbon it will go a long way, I think I used five fringes on each end, about six inches long once attached.
  • Carry the yarn up the side when not using it. It won't show as much as you thing it will.
  • There is no need to block.
  • Feel free to post the pattern, but please give me credit as I am retaining the copyright. Existing copyright law allows one to make these for sale. I promise (yet again) that I will post pictures soon.


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