Monday, January 30, 2006

My last post..

was my 100th post and I didn't even realize it!! And Saturday was the blog's one year birthday... I forgot all about it. Here are some more pictures of stuff I've got going on... Yarn from a knitting buddy who also spins. Very pretty energized singles. The green in this is a perfect match for the green cashmerino Charisse gave me. Posted by Picasa I'm thinking a hat with cashmerino as trim. With the singles being energized, the stocking stitch will bias and make the hat look like it's swirling. The cashmerino acting as trim should stabilize the hat a bit. Most recent kpixie order Posted by Picasa I'm looking forward to working with the SWTC Bamboo. I've been needing something red in the wardrobe and I think the tank top is perfect for under suits. The Claudia's Handpainted yarn is in the color Stormy Days. I'm thinking a little beaded scarf (haven't done beads yet). The SWTC Karaoke will be fun for fingerless mitts. I should probably bring those with me on the trip. Something easy for the plane ride. I took the Good Child, Stinkerton, to the aquarium a couple weeks ago and got this really good picture. (The Other Child has "been two" since he was 18 months, and we're getting REALLY tired of it. It doesn't help that he's incredibly stubborn. that's what I get for not nursing till he was two.) Posted by Picasa I have similar picture of The Other Child from the TN aquarium, but it's saved at home. Of, course, the otters were too cool. . Posted by Picasa


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