Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Break out the frappaccino,

it's time for some February Froggin'. Here are our (not so) lovely prospects: 1. Most of The Orange Beast; one part will be kept for demonstration purposes 2. The Lots of Options Top - I ran out of a vintage yarn; I have given up all hope of ever finding a hank of it. 3. The Top down Tee in Nebraska - need to re-do for size. The re-do should be easy and good for movie nights. 4. Clapotis in CTH Silk and Merino Worsted in the Moody Blues colorway. This is just sooo freakin' boring. I'm considering a corset top. 5. One Skein Wonder (one skein my ass and who the hell uses the same abbreviation to mean two different things?) 6. Little Man's now waaaaay too small Serpent Sweater Items I want to cast on for March and April are: 1. Backyard leaves (the chart's a bitch, but the results I've seen so far will be worth it) 2. A little cami in Rowan Kid Silk Haze in Trance. 3. SWTC tank top in red Bamboo 4. Zib's Ella or Gioia. 5. Zib's Via Diagonale - this should be fun. Lord knows I have enough cotton classic to move along and I'd like a little fun bag for summer. 6. Pinwheel baby blanket in Marks & Kattens Dream in light blue, pale lime and dusty plum. (trust me, they work together) 7. Socks for Daddy. I have some Stahl Big Print I purchased from Elann recently for these. Well, the trip sucked. The kids both got sick right before we left and therefore, I got sick upon arrival. All four days I had a fever and was miserable. I did go ahead and have my spa treatments. Being wrapped in seaweed is overrated. It actually made me hungry b/c I smelled like sushi while it was being done. I should have done the whole body exfoliation. I did that once (a salt rub) and felt like a snake after it just shed its skin - very smooth! And that's absolutely the last time I ever have a male massage therapist. Every one has hurt me in the past and this one really did a number on me - despite the fact that I kept telling him he was using too much pressure. I should have done a facial, but I have a gift certificate for one here in town and I'll use that soon. L.A. was downright cold and cloudy the day we were there. I'd swear it was 50 degrees, but it was probably more like 60. The high points are that have lots of pictures of me wearing Sursa (they are on regular film and I'll have the pics on CD in a day or two) and I visited two (count 'em! two!)yarn shops in Palm Desert (just outside Palm Springs). The Ultimate Point and the Yarn Co. Both shops were very nice; Yarn Co is definitely the older, more established shop. Ultimate Point is nice, but smaller. They organized the yarn by color, making it really hard to tell what they really have on hand, so I ended up not purchasing any yarn there. I did buy two addi natura needles I needed. I bought some Marks & Kattens Dream for the pinwheel blanket at Yarn Co. I'm thinking that will be a fun knit and the yarn is soooo soft. I just couldn't resist.


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