Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Coming soon...

After a very productive Free Froggin' February, it's MoFo March. Here's what was recently frogged:

  1. Clapotis is off the needles and wound; I need to put this into skeins and wash to get the kinks out.
  2. The One Skein (my ass) Wonder is now waiting to be a hat.
  3. The LB magic stripes socks I started for Stinkerton.
  4. The Orange Beast is off the needles, but not frogged. I'm going to use it as an example of what not to do when teaching the shawl class.
  5. A random Noro hat - only b/c I started it on DPNs (I didn't have the right circs with me).
  6. An attempt at an enrelac shawl from Summer '04 using Gedrifa Distrato. Very pretty yarn and a good use for this smooth and fuzzy semi-striping type of yarn. I don't have enough yarn to finish the shawl and am not so in love with it, that I'll get more. I will probably do entrelac again. This yarn might make cute baby booties if you are careful where in the smooth/fuzzy repeat you start.
  7. The Serpent Sweater. This really is a cute pattern; I just need to pick a much larger size when I do this again. The intarsia took me a while.
Here's what's being knit:
  1. The Unikat Sweater. I have the sleeves blocking and need to block the body. I think they need a little steam and the sleeves may actually be too long. I'll see what it looks like when I have the shoulders seamed and get them pinned on. If I do have to frog the sleeves, I'm going to work them both at the same time.
  2. The Fugly Garter Square baby blanket is almost done. I'm on the last ball of yarn. woo hoo! This really has been a great movie project - especially in a cold theater once the blanket had a little size to it. Also, being in the dark meant I didn't have to look at the yarn. Seriously, what was I thinking when I bought that crap?**
  3. I started a skinny blue boucle scarf using the Confetti yarn from Charisse. It's a nice going to bedtime project b/c there's only about 7 stitches to work. I think my neice will like it.
  4. I'm starting a duplicate mini-shawl to use in my class. I have just enough yarns leftover from the brown shawl to do this and it will save my MIL from sending me her shawl everytime I teach the class.
  5. Poor Little Forgotten Flower Basket Shawl. Some day, my dear. Some day.

What I want to knit:

  1. Swatching for the Cocoon shrug. I don't have enough of both of the colors I want to use and am debating swatching with a third color. I'll know better after inventory.
  2. That oh so cool snake scarf. (Thanks Amy for sharing the link!!) I have some pretty Diakketto for this, but it can wait till lat summer.
  3. SWTC ballerina top in (oh so sexy) red.
  4. Just a simple sweater in cotton or Summer Tweed.
I took a class with the ever delightful Annie (I'm not worthy!! I'm not worthy!!) on how to make her Cocoon shrug from the Fall '05 VK. In taking the class, I've decided that I have not challenged myself knit-elluctually of late. What I think I'd like to do is to learn a new technique each month. So, for MoFo March, I'm going to learn 2 socks on 2 circs. I know, I know. Everyone seems to be doing this, but I think this will be the start of something wonderful. (Besides, I'm stuck on what to do for socks for Daddy and this might make the process more interesting.) I have some Big Print and some Brown Cleckheaton of about the same weight and I'm going to give it a try. My goal is to start and finish a pair of socks using this technique by mid-April. Thats gives me a month. **That color is called "taffy." I would have named it "snot vomit." I'm not sure I want to curse anyone with such amazing fug, but it is fairly soft and the color would hide spit up stains very well. So, despite the intrinsic fug, it's practical. --------- In other news, we've started the application process for an au pair. The child care situation is just going to pieces and an au pair looks to be just the kind of help we need. Someone with lots of energy whose primary focus will be on just our two boys. It's a hard decision, (we all really like the sitter and she's had a hell of a year) but it's what we need to do for the boys.


At 3/15/2006 10:05:00 AM, Blogger amanda said...

LOL you have been froggin a lot. And you know I felt the same way about the One (my ass!) Skein Wonder. And the LB you're using for the blanket-- brave woman. Can you believe that is what I used to teach myself to knit? Then when I realized the yarn sucked into the next century and went out and bought the good stuff. Now I'm down with knitting.

At 3/15/2006 05:25:00 PM, Blogger stephanie said...

"sucked into the next century" hahahahahaha


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