Tuesday, April 04, 2006

insane in the membrane

It's been crazy busy here. A great aunt died and I guilted my mom into coming to the funeral. It gave her an excuse to be out of the office and she could spend the weekend with the boys. Work is going nutso, we're light staffed b/c it's spring break and lots of parent's are off work. One of my bosses (the easy one) is out all week, but the other one has four foreign patent applications and several European Patent Office responses to get out this week - this is exceptionally busy. On top of that, my main sitter, the lovely Miss L., is on vacation while her school is closed for spring break. As you can see, this was not a good week to re-enter Childcare Hell. A couple of her staffers wanted to make extra money and watch kids for the parents who still needed sitting. This is separate from the monthly tuition and Miss L. lets the parents pay directly to the staffer and the staffer gets to keep all the money - not just her usual hourly wage. Pretty sweet deal. I can't think of any other child care center that would do that for their employees. I was going to use two of her sitters. One was going to watch Little Man in the mornings (his school is on break) and the other was going to pick him up and then Stinkerton and come watch the boys at the house. All that sitter had to do today was pick up Stinkerton at his school and take him to a friend's house. easy peasy. She hemmed and hawed about it, but agreed. Then, late last night, when it was too late for me to find someone else to drive, she calls and cries car trouble. BS. She has a history of pulling this stunt, but it's usually with the parent's night out program (similar payment deal for the person who works it only Miss L. gets a cut). I was afraid she might cancel on me and had already decided that I wouldn't use her for the rest of the week. I'm not rewarding her actions by still using her to watch the kids this week. Hell no. I've had it with her. I called her today and asked her to come by tonight to pick up her check from the two days she did watch the boys (out of five or six she was supposed to) and to get my house key back. She acted like it was nothing when I told her I'd made other arrangements for the rest of the week. (My sitter's other staffer will take them, provided I can get them to her. We'll work it out.) I just don't get this behavior. Am I just missing out on something? I know I'm not paying too little. She's been begging my main sitter for extra hours and here's a chance to make some easy tax-free money (just under $175) while the preschool is closed (during which she should would not otherwise be paid) and she backs out... Am I missing something here?? Why does it seem that it's always the people who are complaining the most about money that just don't want to work the extra hours or take advantage of situations where they could earn that money. Anyway, I won't have to deal with this much longer since I'm going to give notice. (Which will just about kill my sitter.) After next week I'll know if Little Man made it into Stinkerton's school and I'll give notice then. I need to do it before secretary's day. Getting the gift and then giving notice would be so far beyond tacky as to be unforgiveable. On the knitting front, I just couldn't get the hang on two socks at a time, so I'm back to one. I've done the heel flap and am getting ready to work the gusset. The second sock should go well. Mother told me how much Daddy paid for some wool socks recently and I just about plotzed. This is a case where it is cheaper to make them. Admittedly, these were the heavier weight hiking socks... the one's I'm making out of the Big Print and Big Mexico are worsted and plenty thick enough for that use. Now I just need to make sure they're going to be big enough. He has very wide (EEE) feet.


At 4/05/2006 01:20:00 PM, Blogger amanda said...

Sitters. Aaack. Uhm if I wasn't getting paid at my job and had the opportunity to make tax free money for a week I'd have taken a cab. I think her behavior can be classified as RUDE!


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