Friday, April 07, 2006

intarsia in the round

Nope, not a new skill, folks. That was my big knitting accident this week. I know it’s possible; I’ve seen an article on it. But that was a couple of years ago before I’d really had a grasp of intarsia and I couldn’t really get my head around the concept. Still can't get my head around it.

Nope no new skills here. I tried to work the slip stitch heels on Daddy's socks in brown rather than in the self striping Big Print. I thought I was being so clever but I only ended up with a huge mess. And I mean a mess. Holes where the gusset would be (I think those would have been there anyway, they were just made worse by the attempt at the brown heel). Yarn tails everywhere. I could have made a cat o' nine tails I had so many ends. And knots - OMG the knots. It was a singularly spectacular mess. I actually ended up cutting, (that's right cutting, can't you just taste the horror?) the heel flap off the sock. That metallic ring as the blades sliced through the fabric sent a collective gasp of horror around the table. No, my next new skill will not be steeking. I’m saving that for later. For when I'm better medicated. Short row heel… short row heel… This is a skill I need to know if I want to have fun
with my heels and my toes.


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