Wednesday, April 19, 2006

It made me sick to do it...

But it's done. I gave my notice today. I meant to do it Monday, but had a massive sinus infection - put me to bed! Tuesday I was only in for two hours and had two big priority items to get ready for filing with the PTO and there was no time. Everyone was very understanding. Both of my bosses and the floor supervisor (we take up about 14 floors in our building so HR designates local supervisors to help keep an eye on things) said that I had my priorities in the right place. They're disappointed, of course, but supportive of the decision. I asked them not to say anything beyond HR till we settled on a departure date. I'm thinking mid-May, but would like to help them till they find a replacement. There are some quirky procedures (that I developed to make the job easier) specific to my bosses that need to be shown to someone by someone who has actually done the work. I'm both relieved and disappointed. I'll be free for the kids and to do more to household-y type stuff. Besides, it means a dent in the stash - and photos for you guys. I'm making progress on Daddy's sock. I have a little gap at the gusset on one side, but I know what my mistake was so I shouldn't repeat it on the second sock. I'll be able to close up the little gap easily enough once I've finished the toe. I like the short row heel so far. Let's see how the short row toe goes. Thanks for all the support.


At 4/20/2006 08:12:00 AM, Blogger amanda said...

Bittersweet moment. I've always been nervous about giving notice. Sounds like you handled it gracefully and they will truly miss you. On the hand, yay for the boys! And yay to more knitting :o)


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