Monday, May 01, 2006

Flash your stash

Yup. I totally missed it. I didn't think much about it actually - except about the size of my stash. And then I saw this while reading Amanda's page last week.   Posted by Picasa Not that I feel particularly guilty about my stash, but I do need to knit some of it down before purchasing much more. (I'll admit to having a hoarder gene. On top of all the other trauma of my childhood... Thanks, Mother!) That being said. I've been having fun at Man, I love their yarn. And I have sooooo been waiting for this colorway again.   Posted by Picasa I usually only see this color on e-bay and it typically goes for a fairly high price. I think this is enough to make the Yarn Girls sweatshirt I've been oggling. They use manos, and this is pretty close, but softer. I'm still setting up the database to inventory all the yarn so inventory is nowhere near complete. I'm liking HandyBase for this project. If I can just figure out how to make links to photos, I'll be a truly happy camper. I'm cheating on the pictures, I know. But, the freakin' camera is missing again! I really need to get a new one. Maybe for Mother's Day? I'll have to start hinting since the Progenitor doesn't read this.


At 5/01/2006 11:46:00 AM, Anonymous Michelle said...

Stash flashing is strangely comforting. It's good to know other knitters have sufficient yarn stashed in case of emergencies!


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