Saturday, May 27, 2006

fo's that need pictures and other stuff

Little Man's New Tweed Cardigan (finished late last Fall, but never posted b/c Little Man refused to wear it). I need to remove the zipper and put in a regular button band. The V-neck is just too deep to really have this look the way I envisioned. I learned a lot about putting in a zipper, though, and would like to try that again. Sursa - finished mid-January. The Force is strong in her and I think I'd like to make another in the Noro Transitions I have with the Carmine Cash Iroha. Since there's no picture, I'll explain... Remember the ill fated trip to CA last February? When we were in L.A. I got to have my picture taken with Darth Vader and one of his Storm Troopers and I happened to be there on the rainiest coldest day EVER running a fever with chills and was wearing Sursa in a futile attempt to feel warm. Stinkerton's Wavy Scarf - finished in early January. Of course, Little Man wants one, too. It's a good thing I have half a hank of this yarn left. I was going to do the matching hat, but they like to match. Unikat Blocking and soon to be stitched up. In other news, I have started a baby surprise jacket for the shop. It's being done in pink fortissima colori sock yarn on size 4 needles at a gauge of 6 stitches to the inch. Not sure I like working on size 4's but will consider it practice for the fair isle I'd like to do someday - someday not soon. I'm using Addis and am hoping they don't make my hands hurt this time around. I received an e-mail from Mother today re: Daddy. "MRI results came back and no tumor and no recent stroke. Dr also rulled out Parkinson's. More tests are scheduled but they are for things we are pretty sure he does not have. Do the test anyway just in case." WHAT THE FUCK??!! Turns out that they are just running tests b/c he's feeling really bad lately. He has sarcodosis and he falls in the small percentage of people for whom it's a chronic condition. There is no excuse for Mother sending out an e-mail with no explanation. My first thought was "OMG what happended? Is he in the hospital? Do I need to go up there?" I'm really pissed at her for sending this out and scaring me and my sister like that. Of course, it also doesn't help that she doesn't ask the doctors any questions. My MIL has been here since the 17th. The Progenitor went to Korea to speak to their bar assocation regarding intellectual property law. He said it was the hardest speech he's ever done b/c of working with a translator. So, MIL has been here to help me. I took this week off and boy, I've worked hard. I went through 2 tanks of gas (it's usally only one every week/week and a half. $50 fill-ups suck. Also, while here she signed the lease on her new place. It's about 10 minutes up the road. And, we went to a retinal specialist to have the hole in her retina looked at. That surgery will be no fun, but as they found the very beginnings of a second one in her other eye, the surgery is pretty much mandatory if she wants to keep her sight. The holes were both caught early enough that the succes rate is excellent. Good news. I may have missed MDS&W, but I get to go to TNNA for the trade show. A friend, the one who gave me this last December, is opening a yarn shop and asked me to tag along. ohboyohboyohboyohboy!! I'm so looking forward to this. It will be fun to see some of the behind the scenes work of owning a yarn shop w/o out actually owning one. I'll get to take some classes, too. The drop spindle class is the one I'm most I'm most interested in. Not that I'm going to take up spinning, but I've been wanting to try it w/o a big investment in a spindle and roving. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend and don't forget to keep our fallen heroes in mind. It is those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service for our country, and their brothers and sisters in arms, who keep us safe.


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