Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Little D (or, I finally found the camera)

Little D is this duck that Stinkerton's class takes care of. (No, not a real duck.) Anyway, when The Duck comes home with the kid, you're supposed to do stuff with The Duck, take picures of the family doing stuff with The Duck and write about it in this big notebook. Oh Joy of joys. I have to do stuff on the weekend that doesn't involve lazing around on the couch and knitting and then I have to document it all. (HOMEWORK!?!?) I feel like it's a scrapbook. I'm so not a scrapper, and I feel like we're gonna be graded on it. Or at least judged by all the other parents. You know, the overacheivers who actually read the thing with their kids. Stinkerton was given The Duck last Friday to take home. Stinkerton didn't bother to tell us and Little D ends up left in Progenitor's car. We don't drive that car on the weekends, so we didn't notice it til today when Progenitor picked up Stinkerton from the sitter. We had to have a little chat with Stinkerton about responsibility and taking care of what we are given. (Thank goodness it was a toy and not a hamster!) I made him cry when I pointed out that last weekend was his last weekend with The Duck and he wouldn't get another turn. I don't feel guilty in the least. Some lessons are hard learned. What kills me is that last weekend would have been great for Duck related activities. It was gorgeous out. We could have gone to the botanical gardens, or just played at the local park and gone to the bookstore. There was an airshow and the house kept getting buzzed (well, not quite, but they were flying pretty low.) We all got haircuts. Monday, the boys had their first dental appointments. That would have been great for the book! So I had to spend tonight doing this "homework" with Stinkerton. I did get some cute pictures, though and the kids had fun playing outside. Posted by Picasa Stinkerton's sock to be. It must be very difficult to knit with wings - especially on DPNs. Posted by Picasa Stinkerton with iris cut from the garden for Little D to take to the teachers. I started another sock and have begun tinking on FBS. I wasn't paying attention and now the foot of the sock is too long. I need to rip an inch or so back and then I get to start the toe. Recent purchases will be in my next post. Toodles!


At 5/04/2006 10:04:00 AM, Blogger Charisse said...

Hello. How are you?
Are you going to MDS&W festival?
Iam leaving tomorrow morning and staying for the weekend. AHhhhhhh! I cant wait.
I love the sock for stinkerton.

At 5/05/2006 04:07:00 PM, Blogger Lynda said...

lurker here...

hee hee - teaching the duck to knit - now you know that's gotta be a first for him!, and a very enjoyble ducky experience, I would think. (my kids brought home "Reggie" the bear).


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