Monday, May 15, 2006

Picture Fest

I finished Daddy's Big Print socks with the brown short row heels and toes. I really like the short row heels. Posted by Picasa And started the second pair with the slip stitch heel in Big Mexico. These are still a little long. I need to rip back again. Posted by Picasa (Many thanks to Progenitor for modeling and for repeated fittings as things progressed.) In both cases, I feel I really need to work on the whole "hole" thing. There are small holes near the heel gussets. I think this is fairly common with beginning sockers but I'm not sure if anything other than practice will change it. I do pull the yarn pretty tightly and twist the stitch. Hints, anyone? Jo Ann Confetti scarf. Charisse gave me this yarn and I like it. It's fairly soft on the skein, but I can never tell if a boucle will still be soft once knitted up. This is soft knitted up - surprisingly so. I'm enjoying working this yarn and this will be a boa scarf for my neice. Posted by Picasa Other than that, I really haven't been knitting much. Time has been limited and I've been incredibly busy at home. Not so much at work though, but I really can't get away with knitting at my desk. I've been able to tink a few stitches at a time on the Flower Basket Shawl - literally, a few stitches. And of course, now that I'm looking for it, my photocopy of the pattern and my notes are missing. So I've had to go back and re-do all the math for my chart of how many stitches are on each row. Once I've tinked back a bit, I'll find my place, but oh! what a pain. I know that as soon as I've started up in earnest again, that piece of paper will turn up.


At 5/16/2006 06:32:00 PM, Blogger Charisse said...

Hey strph.
Im glad you like knitting with that yarn. i know it's joanns yarn but I made a scarf out of it too and I loved it.


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