Tuesday, June 27, 2006

happy day (for everyone but my cat)

Everyone go over to Charisse and see her wonderful news!! Hurray Hurray!! I got a little knitting done on the EZ jacket. I'm just about done with it. It's an interesting knit but I had trouble at first with the double decreases and the marked stitch. Once I made it to the increases I was in much better shape. I am at the final 12 ridges and then I just need to seam it up. Nothing else to report knit wise. Not sure what's next to deal with. I want to finish the FBS. I've been hoping for some quiet time to deal with it and haven't been able to make any. Once I get back on track with it, it should move quickly. It really was progressing nicely till I screwed it up. I still want to do Something Red in the brown cotton (Blue Sky Alpacas), but I also like the cotton sweater in Knitty - great lines, hideous colors. I'm thinking something tasteful (unlike the original) a solid pale yellow, with maybe a little contrasting trim. I'm not a fan of that designer's work (remember the one skein my ass wonder?) , but this one might be nice. About the cat... Sebastian is most likely going to be put down. For a long time TroubleCat was sick. She had nasty SPIKEY bladderstones and she was peeing all over the place. I blame how long it lasted on my previous vet who refused to sedate her (put her in the happy box) in order to do a proper ultrasound and kept insisting that it was a behavioral problem. New vet did the right thing and she is now my cats' vet. Once that was done, the stones were taken out last fall and she's been fine since. However, b/c it went on so long Sebastian decided to start spraying in response to TroubleCat. At first it was just where she was peeing, but since she recovered he's been at some particular spots. We've tried everything! Sticky tape, aluminum foil, medication, extra litter boxes, you name it. Lately, and this really is the last straw, he's been following the kids' activities and peeing on what they are playing with. Not their toys...yet. But he did get one of Little Man's special blankets and their Bear Rug. Yesterday, I found where he peed on all the board games (adult) which the kids like to pull out to play with the pieces. This was done in the last couple days and all the games were ruined, and there is now a spot on the hardwoods that I have to figure out how to get the stain out of. (I hear peroxide is best.) We knew he hated the kids, but this is going too far.** He's now locked up in the basement utility room. (Not unexpectedly, he started spraying in there now, too.) Progenitor had enough of all this last summer and wanted to put them both down, but I pleaded and he let me have the problem more thoroughly investigated. He forgave TroubleCat when it turned out to be stones and is willing to look into a medical reason for the problem before making the final decision. I called the vet today and will take him in one more time to see if it's treatable. If it is, he gets treated and hopefully the saga will end. Whether or not he gets treatment will depend on what the treatment is/costs. We spent over $700 on this cat two summers ago and Progenitor is hesitant to do so again; I can see his point. The vet did say that this sounds like a set in behavior and if there is no medical cause, then she can understand euthanizing - especially since we have kids. She was very understanding and said she would feel better checking him out first. We've investigated cat rescue, but really believe that burdening them with him isn't fair since the likelihood of him being placed is low - not disclosing what's going on with him would be grossly unethical. Cat rescue is burdened enough as it is. Given all his other problems he's miserable enough that killing him (let's just dispense with the euphemisms) is a mercy - at least that's what I tell myself. I feel bad about it, but not as bad as if (a) one of the boys got sick b/c of it or (b) he has to live locked up in the utility room for the rest of his life. **They boys are at least smart enough to get me when they notice it and not play with what they find. Oh well, that's the end for today. BTW: what the heck are meeples?


At 6/27/2006 08:02:00 PM, Blogger AmyDe said...

meeples are the game pieces (villagers, etc.) to a game we played with Katey & Travis. We got so tickled that they were called meeples that we just cracked up about it all night long. Not sure Travis was as amused as we were.


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