Friday, July 28, 2006

Too tired to rant, today.

I finished the EZ BSJ. (Hey, D&G, if you could please send me a pic? I forgot to take one.) I'm fairly pleased with how it turned out. The Plymouth Dreambaby DK knits up nicely. I'd use it again if I had a baby gift for which I didn't already have yarn and didn't want to spend much money on. It only took 1.5 balls. I needed to keep careful notes on where I was in the pattern. EZ was just brilliant and obvoiusly could do The Math in her head. Let's just say that I am not so gifted. Having a sheet with all the stitch counts really helped. I don't think I'd make another one of these for that reason. It's easy, but you really need to know where you are. Unless, you're AmyDe and can do The Math in your head. I picked up Daddy's Big Mexico socks again. I still need to go back to sock one and rework the toe to the appropriate length, but sock two is coming along just fine. Good carpool knitting. Sursa II is well on her way. I've started the second ball and the decreases. The decreases would probably not look quite so wonky if I actually followed the directions and did a decrease on every row rather than a double decrease on the knit rows. hmmm... I kind of like how it looks though and am considering trying to get the other side to look the same (on my next one - it is good movie knitting) even though it's the increase side. I started swatching for Annie Modessit's Ribbed Corset. I'm using (or planning to use, we'll see how the swatch turns out) Plymouth's Royal Bamboo in a lovely grape shade with a corresponding variegated yarn. I really wanted to do the whole think in either the leaf or the pumpking shade, but everyone - and I mean everyone in the shop that night- said not to. It's such a shame when your favorite colors are the ones that flatter the least. At the moment I'm looking forward to getting started on this, but I'm being a good girl and waiting for my swatch to dry. I'll unpin Unikat tomorrow and start seaming while I wait for said swatch to dry. I bought Big Girl Knits. I recommend this book to anyone of any size. The garment construction information alone is wonderful. And really, how many of us knitters has never needed to alter a pattern to accommodate one feature or another? Between this and What Not to Wear (the UK version) I'll finally start adding a little variety to the wardrobe. Three Dog Knit finally had its last howl. They are officially closed. I'm sorry to see them gone. The store was pretty, and the folks nice, but they only carried KFI yarns for the most part. I did very well at the 50% off sale. I really do need to take some pictures. I picked up some Noro Iro, a skein of Kochoran, a little Cash Iroha and a bunch of Debbie Bliss cashmerino in the aran and baby weights. I think I know what I want to do with the Iro and I need to start a couple of the baby projects soon. Little Man is starting the transformation from diaper wearer to Pantless Wonder. He's been going on and on about Power Rangers (ugh!) for a few months now, so we've been telling him how Power Rangers don't use diapers, they use the toilet. I broke down and bought Power Rangers underwear and he's doing pretty well with it. (And before you ask, yes they're still making the show and no, I have no idea how he even knows about Power Rangers. It must have been through a kid at the preschool.) M&Ms are helping too. He isists on watching Shrek while running around pantless. I'm fairly certain that when he's older he'll hear Smash Mouth and need to find the nearest bathroom. Stinkerton is already excited about school starting again. He's been talking about it for a week or so now. MIL's eye surgery went swimmingly! No more macular hole! Doctors still have no idea what's wrong with Daddy and are lightly considering the problem to be Metabolic Encephalopathy. Mother has made it clear that she will tolerate (not her words, but most certainly her attitude) a visit from me - she had sister there twice in a month. If I didn't want to lay eyes on Daddy myself, I wouldn't bother at all. I always feel like such an inconvenience when I go up there - even though she doesn't drive and I help her get her special trips and errands done. Part of the problem is that I recognize that I am My Mother's Daughter. I soooo want to slip the woman some Xanax. Grossly, unethical and dangerous and I'd never, ever do that to anyone... but oh! how tempting. To see my mother not anxious for once in my life... Sebastian cat has been locked up in the guest bath for a few weeks now. We let him out tonight and will see how things go. If this doesn't work, I really don't like the alternatives: 1. make him an outdoor cat (he's declawed and we have foxes & hawks in our neighborhood), or 2. euthanize. Not an easy decision and one we need to settle soon. I'll be working next week and the following week we will have our first real family vacation. Nothing work related. No side trips to visit relatives just b/c we happen to be in the same region of the country. Just us, the kids, and MIL at the beach. Buy stock in sunscreen!


At 7/29/2006 09:21:00 AM, Anonymous Michelle said...

Congrats on Little Man's transition out of daipers! :)


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