Monday, July 17, 2006

Yarn Aboard!

This just looks like so much fun. I've been waiting and waiting for the sign ups to happen and now I'm all signed up! I've got to get a box together. I'm not sure where I am on the list, so I need to have it ready. Amanda, you are the best for setting this up. Next time in New Orleans, I've got to meet you. Not much else going on. I still haven't uploaded the pics, (bad me! bad me!) but I did get all the CD's from Walmart. It was only about $5 or so per roll of film to be put on CD. Much easier than scanning in the pictures. Progress has been made as far as pictures go - it usually takes me a year to get film developed. I finished the Baby Surprise Jacket for the shop in the Plymouth Dreambaby DK. I liked it, but I'm not sure I'm going to do this again. Too much counting. I was constantly referring to my cheat sheet to make sure I hadn't missed any of the increases and decreases. Man, EZ was a genius! How she ever worked this out, I'll never understand. I did start a chevron scarf in Kertzer's Ovation and Irise for the other shop - The Taming of the Ewe opening in Jacksonville Alabama in September. These two yarns are samples I picked up at TNNA last month. I like the Ovation very much. It's so close to crack (Kid Silk Haze) that it could be called methadone. Rowan's KSH retails $12-14/25g ball and the Ovation is around $9/20g ball. So it would defintely be a great substitution. I'm really enjoying working with it in all it's silky, mohairy goodness. I'm working 6 rows Ovation and then 4 rows Ovation/Irise together. I can't carry the Irise up the sides w/o ruining the look of the scarf, so there will be ends and ends and ends to weave in. I would have carried the two yarns together the whole time, but I have twice as much Ovation as Irise. This will be quite pretty, I think, once it's blocked. Kertzer makes a great bamboo needle, by the way. The nicest I've found, except for the cable. Addi will always be my favorite b/c of the cables. Three Dog Knits is still open for all you Noro Hos. I made out pretty well and need to go back for more. I did pick up some DB Cashmerino Aran in a perfect green for Stinkerton and the perfect blue for Little Man. I also picked up some DB Alpaca Silk dk in a rich (not quite navy, but not royal) blue to make the Somewhat Cowl - someday, eventually. My eyes are bigger than my needles. Oh, I started Sursa II in the Noro Transitions while we were at the movies Saturday. I'm not sure it's going to be quite enough yarn and I may have to pick up another skein at 3DK next Saturday. This project really is excellent movie knitting. I don't think I had to look at what I was doing more than a few times. We saw Pirates of the Carribbean. Apropos that I started Sursa II during this movie. I started Sursa I durring Kingdom of Heaven (the other Orlando Bloom movie). Pirates was formulaic, but exactly what I expected. Fun, fun and more fun. Johnny Depp (swoon) as a pirate running around all dainty-like is just hysterical, especially when compared to how all the other ManlyMen move. I heard that Johnny Depp (swoon) based his character's movements on Keith Richards (ick). All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed Pirates and will be very happy when the third movie comes out. (Of course, all this talk of pirates has me thinking of Mickey Mantle - "she smelled just like an angel should smell"- still makes me chuckle. ) SebastianCat seems to be doing a little better. Progenitor caught him spraying the last time we let him out and immediately locked him the utility room. That was two weeks ago. We just let him out yesterday and so far so good. TorubleCat is most displeased. Little Man's latest thing (aside from refusing to use the toilet) is to tell me that he loves everyone but me. "I don't like you." When I ask why, he tells me "because I'm big now." (sigh) And he not even a teenager yet! He really hurt Stinkerton's feelings this evening when he said that he didn't like Stinkerton, either. Poor Stinkerton. He heard this and immediately started crying. I had to convince Stinkerton that Little Man didn't really mean it and then convince Little Man that he does love Stinkerton. And he still doesn't like me. He goes through the whole list of people he loves and I'm not even listed after the cats. I always knew he'd be a heartbreaker. The Unikat Sweater is still pinned to the blocking board. I really do need to seam that puppy and get the collar done. FBS is still untouched. Inventory is not even started b/c I haven't had time to learn the software and get it sync'd with the PDA. Time Time Time. Where did all the time go?


At 7/18/2006 08:15:00 AM, Blogger amanda said...

You are most welcome. And you're between the beginning and the middle :o)

At 10/05/2006 10:20:00 PM, Anonymous Linda Lindley said...

Can't wait to see the scarf. The Taming of The Ewe is my second home!!!!
Let me know when you send it!!!

At 10/13/2006 11:34:00 AM, Anonymous Paula said...

I work at JSU, and I am going to check out the shop ASAP! Is there "real" yarn in J'ville?


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