Monday, August 21, 2006

home and back to school

O.K. Catch up time. The last few posts were short little cheaters. He's the scoop on the rest of the trip and some more recent occurrences... The rest of our vacation inSt. Simon's was wonderful. I'd been skulking around the Fuzzy Mabel website for a while and since I was finally in town, I made it a point to find the shop. The owner is a lovely lady. The shop is pretty, well organized and had a great sale room. Yup, you read correctly. Room. ohboy! ohboy! ohboy! She really is having a great sale right now, too. Regia, Fiesta, and many others... So check it out on-line. I made it home with just a few goodies, including a Philospher's Wool kit, some red Regia sock yarn, some Isledyllic Dreams sock yarn (locally handpainted) in lovely shades and a skein of Mountain Colors Mohair in Northern Lights. Of course, I have yet to upload any pictures. (Surprised?) I highly recommend shopping there. Fuzzy Mabel was a highlight of my trip to St. Simon's Island. The beach was really nice. SSI is not shell collecting territory, but we found a live sand dollar and lots of little crabs kept coming up to us in the water. What was really cool was seeing the porpoises both in the estuary near Ft. Frederica and just off the shore by the King and Prince. I'd never seen wild porpoise before. It was very cool. One even did a flip. The boys were very excited. The first day of school (TODAY!) went off with only one hitch. I slept through the alarm. Whoops! Woke up at 10 till and rushed out the door faster than I ever have in my life. I had the kids eat in the car. Thank goodness for granola bars, bananas and Ovaltine. We were late, but it could have been worse. I could have had to carpool w/someone. After days and days of telling me "I'm too little to go to school" Little Man woke up and said "Yay! I get to go to school with big kids!" Of course, afterschool was full of "I'm too little to do" whatever it was we were discussing. Can't win 'em all. The boys both enjoyed their days. Stinkerton even had homework. Little Man did make it through his first day of school nice and dry. We found Power Ranger light up shoes for about $11 last night when we picked out Stinkerton's new shoes. Little Man can wear his Power Ranger shoes if, and only if, he stays clean and dry the day before. Given his obsession with all things Power Rangers and his great enjoyment of shoes that light up, I think we have a winning strategy here. I will also use his fancy schmancy new shoes as an incentive to get him to do other things I want him to do. Like, pick up his toys, get ready to go, etc... Whatever works, man. Whatever works. All night Knit Knight at TPG last Friday. The shop is two years old and celebrating with games and prizes and sales galore. The all night knit in was great. I got there a little after 9 p.m. and things were in full swing. We played "Let's make a deal" with knitting gadgets. and Knitting Trivia. I won the trivia and won an Offhand Designs knitting bag. Not that I really need another knitting bag... I am such a bag ho. I also learned a bit about personal grooming about which I had no clue. Well, I had a clue, just not the the reasoning behind said grooming choices. K, you are quite eloquent. Things pretty much finished up around 2 a.m. A good time was had by all. I've started getting the inventory actually entered. It took a while to figure out the format and screens I want. The better it's organized now, the easier it will be to search and/or filter later. I'm having a problem getting the software to sync with the PDA, though. The old test databases are running and syncing, just not the newest one. Very annoying. I'll get it input and then see what can be done. It's more important to get it all entered at this point than to get it to sync. I made progress on Something Chocolate, as well as screwed it up. The armholes are way, way too big, but we came to the general consensus last Friday that seaming up the arms holes a little will be o.k. If I were to work back and close the armholes to where the armholes would be the right size, the width of the back would be affected. Since the back is just right, I'm going to give this a shot and see how it goes. If it's awful, then I'll either re-knit or performsome kind of surgery. We pinned it and so far and things seem to be hanging all right under the arms. I also started a cute little Fiber Trends bag for the shop. (AC76 Gelato Bag) It's orange and fuzzy. I'm just about done with the body and it's moving along quite smoothly. Since this is being felted, I probably should have been knitting continental.... whoopsie. next time. My efforts at spinning have been thwarted by the misbehaving DVD. Found this link via Peaches and Purls. It's Dew on the Kudzu. Check 'em both out, y'all.


At 8/22/2006 09:36:00 PM, Blogger Peach Pod said...

Thanks for the plug! And I'm so glad you went to Fuzzy Mabel. Don't you love the owner, Cynthia? Great yarn, too. Let me know the next time you're here and I take you to a great beach with shells and horseshoe crabs.


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