Wednesday, October 11, 2006

busy busy

Not a lot getting done, but am knitting away. I found a cute hat in itty bitty knits to do for a friend who's due next week and am working on another kid sweater for a different friends little girl. I'll post pics eventually. Will be visiting the 'rents in MD and if they upgraded from dial up, I'll be able to post. I'm brining a couple of UFOs to work on. FBS will be one of them. I'll have plenty of quiet time to tink the couple of rows that I need to tink and then I'll be able to make a little progress. Only got one taker on the Organyzalong - Moze. So she and I will be working hard - after Sukkot is over. I've started entering the info, but can't get it to upload onto the PDA. I need to contact the handybase people and ask what's up. Sure is a pain going through everything, but it's reminding me of yarn that I loved once and don't anymore and yarn that I loved and have hopes for. I've got a lot of knitting to do. catch ya later.


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