Thursday, November 09, 2006

no title, again

Disappointed with the elections. Not so much b/c of the results, but more b/c of the turnout. There really no excuse for a turnout of only 50-60%. We really do take our freedom for granted in this country. If I recall correctly, Iraq's first election had something like a 93% turnout and they had to worry about bombings. Knitters Review has an awesome article this week. Be sure you check out the author's Red Tent Baby Blanket while you're at it. I have the collar finished on Unikat and one sleeve stitched on. I might actually be able to wear it this weekend - provided it fits; it's been a while since I started this. Read the cutest book at the boys' school the other day. It made me smile. What is it with me and titles, lately?


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