Friday, November 24, 2006


I hope everyone had a lovely day. Ours was nice. We are at my sister's. Good (but long) drive - left late, arrived late. Kids have been well behaved, so far. We went to the zoo today. It was fun and the boys got to make build a bear animals that are supposed to be unique to the zoo as opposed to one that can be found in any build a bear store. Little Man picked the snow leopard (after much coaxing not to pick the same thing as his brother) and Stinkerton picked the polar bear. My sister got the whole thing on video. Very cute. If you get a chace to go to the St. Louis zoo, go. the penquin exhibit alone is worth the time. Someimes the penquins even jump out of the exhibit and waddle around in the aisle. Wish that had happened today. It would have been great. Besides, admission is free and how many zoos can say that? Tomorrow we're going to the Botanical Garden for the Chihully exhibit. We missed this (mostly) when it was in Atlanta. Progenitor had a major to-do blow up and has been working on that. He will have to get a suit tomorrow and fly to Miami or DC to file something and request a temporary restraining order against a government agency trying to change some rules that negatively affect an entire industry. (Can't say which one at this time and I'm not exaggerating about the impact.) As a result I'm not looking forward to the trip home. I'm really, really hoping he can delay leaving till Sunday. We're supposed to go see Spamalot that afternoon. I'd hate for him to miss it (and be out the ticket). I finished Little Man's wavy scarf last week. I also completed two hats. One to match Stinkerton's Wavy Scarf and the other to coordinate with Little Man's Wavy Scarf. LIttle Man's scarf was done in Nashua Wooly Stripes in the fiery color (progressive reds/oranges) and his hat is in CP Iceland in orange (as if there is any other color, right?) He's not happy that the hat does not match his scarf like Stinkerton's, but I've explained that hte yarn shop is out of that yarn. He'll wear it eventually. Stinkerton is thrilled with his hat. I supposed to be working on a Tilly Tomas evening bag for the shop, but forgot to pack the right needles. I need double points (the 2 circs aren't cutting it for this one). I'll find a knit shop tomorrow so I can get that done. It I get the bag started before we leave I should be able to finish on the way home (provided the Progenitor can travel with me). In the meantime I'm working on the lace scarf and my Nebraska Tee. One for when I can think and the other for when I don't have to. Later Gator!


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