Monday, November 20, 2006

Time in a Bottle

That's the name of the Unikat sweater from the Fall 2004 Knitters. It's finished. Actually, it's been finished for over a week now. I'll have MIL take some pics of me in it later tonight and try to get them uploaded. Sundays at the shop are going well. I got to play in the front of the store yesterday and I rearranged some things to hopefully move them along a little faster. It will all have to be moved again in a week or two when the new stuff arrives, but in the meantime those skeins should be more visible and hopefully sell a bit more - less to move! Messed up my wrist somehow. I'm hoping it's not carpal tunnel, but given the quality of the pain and the occasional numbness, I'm fearing the worst. It started off feeling like a sprain, but rather than getting less, the discomfort increased. I've been wearing the brace I was given last year for the tendonitis in my elbow (it was a wrist brace b/c all those knitting motions move the tendons in the elbow) and so far it's helping. It's off right now so I can type and I'm really feeling it. No, I'm not taking anything. At least, with the way I knit, I can knit with the brace on. Slowly, but at least I'm still knitting. Am heading to my sister's for Thanksgiving. Should be fun. Haven't seen her or her family in a little over a year. We're planning on seeing Chihuly in the garden and Spamalot. Yay! I've been wanting to see Spamalot and we missed the Chihuly exhibit when it was here in Atlanta. I'm looking forward to the drive to get some quality car knitting done. It will be either the Chevron Lace Scarf for the AL shop, the Nebraska tee, or a Last Minute Purled Beret for my sister. Have to get the kids to bed. Catch you later.


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